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The City of Marion has created Departments which they consider necessary to efficiently perform the official duties that fulfill the needs of their citizens (IC 36-4-9-4). The executive departments are established pursuant to an ordinance of the council, but only upon the recommendation of the mayor. The council may also transfer power and duties among department and terminate departments, but again, only upon the recommendation of the mayor (IC 36-4-9-4). The departments that may be established pursuant to city ordinance include:

  • department of finance or administration;
  • department of law;
  • department of public works;
  • department of public safety;
  • department of parks and recreation;
  • department of human resources and economic development and
  • any other department considered necessary.

These departments, if established, are required to perform the administrative function assigned by statutes and by ordinance.

Please contact us at (765) 662-9931 if you have any questions or concerns.

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