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Citywide Maintenance

Citywide Maintenance is responsible but not limited to the following jobs:

  • Pothole/sinkhole repair
  • Mowing City-owned properties including parks
  • Alley cleaning (in partnership with Inmate Work Crew)
  • *Leaf pickup
  • Yard waste pickup
  • Snow removal on city streets
  • City vehicle repair
  • Tree removal
  • Demolition
  • Traffic signage
  • Traffic control
  • *Leaf pickup: The City is saving dollars with a new method of leaf pickup. Starting in 2016, we implemented a system where we only pick up bagged leaves. Residents are no longer allowed to rake leaves to the curb. Leaf pickup also takes place on the same day that Marion Utilities does trash pickup. Bagged leaves are only picked up in paper yard waste bags. No plastic bags. There is no leaf pickup on holidays.

    Contact Citywide Maintenance:

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